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Project Firebolt Part 2: Engine Tear Down Time!

In this update, we’re stripping down and inspecting this old 5.3 to see if it’s a good candidate for this build. I hope it is!

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Introducing Project Firebolt The V8 Turbo Tacoma!

Finally, I can tell you about the project that I’ve been planning in my head and wanting to build ever since I finished my LS3 Miata! So here it is and I invite you to come along with me as … Continue reading

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Getting the AZ-1 Ready to Run!

In this update on my 1992 Autozam AZ-1, we put it all back together and see if it’ll run! Man, I can’t wait to drive this little beast again, the downtime has been a real bummer. Thanks for watching!

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I got a truck y’all!

I’m finally a truck owner! Here is my new 2002 Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab in the scorching Radiant Red color. Here’s a little video intro and test drive, be on the lookout for more on this little truck in the … Continue reading

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The Parts Are Rolling In From Japan

In this Autozam AZ-1 update, work continues on the clutch swap and other small, related jobs. The star of this show is clearly all of the shiny new bits arriving from Japan. I hope you enjoy the video and thank … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to build an LS3 Miata?

In this video update I’ll break down the cost and timeline for Project Thunderbolt, my LS3 V8 Miata build. It was an awesome journey and I’m glad that I could share it all with you. As soon as the weather … Continue reading

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I broke it really bad!

In this video update, now that we have the AZ-1 engine and transmission sitting on the ground, we can tear into it and find out exactly why that clutch won’t disengage. No spoilers here, but I can say that I’ve … Continue reading

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Big Boxes from Japan

The other day this big box of joy arrived from Japan. Inside is a quite rare and quite awesome exhaust for my 1992 Autozam AZ-1.

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Project Street Sleeper 2017 Refresh!

Hi All, in case you haven’t seen it, Project Street Sleeper (my 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4) recently received a bunch of fresh upgrades! Here’s the start of the series, that currently includes 10 parts of Mitsu-wrenching fun. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Introducing The Tom and Joe Auto Show!

Hello All, my good buddy Joe and I have a new show that we hope you’ll enjoy. In each episode we’ll discuss all sorts of cool car topics and a few things you might not expect! Below are a variety … Continue reading

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