Introducing The Tom and Joe Auto Show!

Hello All, my good buddy Joe and I have a new show that we hope you’ll enjoy. In each episode we’ll discuss all sorts of cool car topics and a few things you might not expect! Below are a variety of ways that you can listen. Thank you for your support!
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3 Responses to Introducing The Tom and Joe Auto Show!

  1. John garrison says:

    Tom, I enjoyed your presentation on the buick grand national. Watched all twice. I am getting ready to purchase another , basically stock, 1987. I have heard horror stories about various frame issues like undue flexing resulting in B pillar cracking and roof buckling. I have yet to find *any* videos addressing this problem and have no idea of what kind of bracing to purchase , if indeed any are available. Could you give me some advice — or better yet shoot a video addressing this problem? Thanks in advance, John .

  2. Ian Davis says:

    Love the Videos, very informative.

    I have a 1990 Eagle Talon That I am looking to make some upgrades to. Probably not to the extent you did, but enough to become a dayly driver again, with a little more punch.

    What would you suggest changing, given budget and time constraints, that is easy and makes the most difference to the car? Right now I am dealing with a Clutch that does not spring back. It appears to have fluid.

    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  3. John Marsh says:

    Hi Tom,

    Your projects keep me inspired, especially the V8 miata build. I am tweaking a miata of my own. A 1990, I am a fan of the pop-up headlights. I had a question for you, what is the brand of spring compressor you used when putting the new flyin miata vmaxx suspension in place. The hooks on the sprinf compressor I have now are too large to work with my miata. Thanks John

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