Tom's Turbo Garage: Buick Grand National Street & Strip Upgrades – Part 3

Hi everyone, here’s the latest Grand National video, where we focus on making more horsepower and getting the most from modifications that we already have in place. Thank you for watching!

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6 Responses to Tom's Turbo Garage: Buick Grand National Street & Strip Upgrades – Part 3

  1. Mike Hickory says:

    Awesome videos Tom. i own a Grand National and was wondering when you are putting up the second part to the wideband wiring install?

    • Administrator says:

      Thank you Mike, I appreciate that and am glad you enjoy them! I have been very busy lately, but hope to put it up in the next couple weeks. If it helps, the wiring on the new Innovate MTX-L is extremely simple. Far, far simpler than their older versions, one of which I have in my Talon. Good luck with your car and good meeting you!

  2. trell says:

    hi tom love the videos ,was wanting some input im looking to make my car a really really fast street car ,have stock motor, heads ,cam ,3.5 down pipe with ext waste gate,rjc front mount,fast xfi,single 4” exhaust,kenne bell ram air ,razor alky kit,power plate,72lb injectors was wondering if i would need a maff sensor or no.also was wondering what would be a really good turbo for the street and maximize all power i can get out of stock motor your help would be gladly appreciated….thanks trell

    • Tom says:

      Hi there Trell!

      It sounds like you’re already most of the way to having a fast street car! I’m not sure what turbo you have, but if you check the turbobuick forums, many folks are having great success with the Precision Turbo billet turbos. I’ve seen some talk about the 6262 or 6266 and it seems really promising. That said, you’ll need the appropriate torque converter. As for the maf, I believe the Fast Xfi can run speed density, which can be a good setup. I don’t have any personal experience with that, so again I’d check the turbobuick forums, where there’s many more experienced folks. Good luck with it and thank you for the support! -Tom

  3. jonathan stout says:

    hello, thanks for the informative videos. any chance there will be one about turbo removal and install? I have a 87 gn and need to replace the turbo gasket. thanks

    • Tom says:

      Hi Jonathan, you’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed the videos! I don’t currently plan on removing the turbo, but you never know! I would search the turbobuick forums, I’m sure someone has taken photos of the process. Good luck with your car! -Tom

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