Tom's Turbo Garage: Eagle Talon Test & Tune

Hi everyone! Picking up where the last video left off, we take my old 1991 Talon Turbo to the local track for some shakedown runs. To read lots more about this car, check out the website here. Thanks for watching!

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  1. kyle says:

    0_o …a “conservative” 27 pounds?! youre a crazy, crazy man….thing revs like a bike though. reminds me of a recent video from J Shepherd where all 4 wheels came OFF the ground out of the hole! looks like youre gettin closer to space flight my friend 🙂

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks as always for the kind words! In regards to the boost, it is conservative when you’re speaking of this specific turbo, as it really starts kicking butt in the 30-40psi range. That said, I’m not open to adding more power until I get my launch process down. Hope all is well an take care!

  2. Will says:

    Hey Tom. Like the update, glad to see it hittin the track after the “100hp bug” issue was resolved! I recently blew the OEM head gasket on my first gen 4G63 and plan on doing minor head work while it is off. I couldn’t find anywhere on the site with an email for you, but I’ve got some questions on porting and seating and such, so I would greatly appreciate you shootin an email to me. Thanks in advance, Will

  3. Zach says:

    god i love those cars. if you ever want to put it threw a real test bring it up to ohio for the dsm/evo shootout at summit in Norwalk, Ohio or if you want to sell it 🙂

    • Administrator says:

      Haha, thanks Zach! I wanted to go to the shootout this year, but was tied up with work. I used to go every year waaaay back when- I hope to make it next year. Have a good one!

  4. Greg says:

    That’s more like it, some track action. Nice update. Congrats on how popular your videos are becoming.

  5. Greg Kelly says:

    Love the video’s! Say… what type of wide-band do you use?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Greg and thank you! I use an Innovate wideband and love it. The datalogging software it comes with is great too.

  6. chris says:

    I like your blog a lot. I’m building my first dsm car and I wish I could get some advice from you. I’m unable to find a contact address, just general questions I’m also using 6266 on my build any help would be great. Thanks

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks Chris! Just join my facebook page and message me there. I can’t put links in here, just type Toms Turbo Garage in the facebook search.

  7. Greg Kelly says:

    Thanks for the response. Does the ECM software you’re running, manipulate the data from the Innovate sensor, or are you strictly using the datalogging from the sensor manufacturer?

    Thanks again!

    • Administrator says:

      You’re welcome sir! The Innovate hardware has an extra output wire. You just connect that to an unused ECU input (directions are on ECMLinks website) and the ECMLink’s datalogger displays the sensor data alongside your other engine data from the ECU. It’s an AWESOME feature!

  8. Greg Kelly says:

    Thanks again!

  9. Michael Cole says:

    Hi Tom
    LOVE your website! I’m turboing a 93 Miata LE and was just curious about an approximate cost of your current setup on your miata minus of course labor. It seems like engine management might be the most costly part of it. I have a T4 turbo and intercooler all plumbed in but am at a crossroad as far as engine management. I’m trying to avoid the pricey Megasquirts, AEM setups or the Hydra. All big bucks! Are you happy your current setup or do you think I should consider one of the above? If you call, I promise not to talk your ear off (I respect your time and know you’re busy!).
    Michael Cole

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Michael and thank you for the kind words! My setup was put together from various budget parts and lots of stuff that I had from previous projects, but I suppose it could be duplicated for around $2000 if buying most everything new. As for the engine management, Flyin Miata has the largest knowledge base, while Megasquirt plug-n-play is the best option for those that don’t mind DIY tuning. I wouldn’t recommend my “4G63 ECU in a Miata” engine management setup. It worked beautifully for me, but would require you to have a VERY intimate knowledge of Mitsubishi engine wiring schematics, which I already had. Plus you would need to source all of the parts, which would end up costing more than the other systems. I had this stuff just sitting around in bins.

      Best of luck on your quest for a turbo! It truly transforms these cars.

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