Tom's Turbo Garage: News Update

Hello All! Here’s a short news update from the garage, thanks as always for visiting my website.

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12 Responses to Tom's Turbo Garage: News Update

  1. Ric says:

    How about a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3?

  2. Jesse says:

    Best I can think of is an 03′ Mazda 6

  3. fish says:

    its a speed3 alright,

    but its an 07-09.

  4. fish says:

    almost forgot,

    SOLD!? you have some splaining to do.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, I know. 🙁 It felt weird to go into a bunch of detail/reasons in this video, but stay tuned to the next video, where I’ll do a bit of splaining.

  5. will says:

    Hola Tom.

    Just curious, do you know about how many miles you have on that buschur built engine?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Will! Jeez, it has to be plenty ‘o’ miles. I bought it back in 2003 when it got bolted into my drag Starion, where it saw lots of passes and some street driving. In 2006 it was swapped it into my 1989 Mirage where I drove it (almost) daily. I then swapped it into my Talon in 2007 where I drove it a couple days a week and daily all winter long until 2010. Now it only takes trips to the dump and grocery store and occasional commuter duty. It has to be around 40-50k miles guessing conservatively.

  6. says:

    Hey Tom! Great stuff going on here. I was trying to find out what ecm link version you used. Did you use the V3 Link? or V2? Tuning sounds really hard. I see you install a lot of after market parts but, did you actually tuned the car fully? or did you just adjust your injectors only?

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks man! I am using the V3 Full version of ECMLink. I do all of my own tuning and have customized my timing and fuel maps to fit my setup. I don’t often show it in my videos because it opens up LOTS of questions from people who don’t really want to learn how to tune, they just sort of want you to do it for them over email. (Which is impossible!)

      That said, tuning may seem hard, but like anything it only seems hard until you study it, break it down, learn about it and then begin doing it. I would recommend reading the ECMLink wiki. It does a good job explaining how to get started. There are also some great how-tos on the DSM Forums. Good luck!

  7. Henry says:

    Hello, I have a technical question, which are the specifications of the original turbo mitsubishi mirage 89?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi there! I have the original sales brochure as well as a Car and Driver review here on my website under the 89 Mirage Turbo link. That should answer all of your questions.

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