Tom's Turbo Garage: Miata Differential Upgrade – Part Two

Hello All! In this video we finish up work on the Turbo Miata and then go for a ride to test everything out. We also tackle some other jobs “while we’re in there.” Thanks for watching!

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6 Responses to Tom's Turbo Garage: Miata Differential Upgrade – Part Two

  1. fish says:

    hair stylist nothin,

    im a heavy equipment operator, I tell ya, I take a beating for every Miata owner in the world from my co-workers.

    BTW, you drive a Miata and you’re gonna act like thats your wifes cat!? CMON Matt.

    • Administrator says:

      Haha! You are killin me! God, I wish the Miata wasn’t such an easy target. My solution was to methodically break every one of my detractors down by taking them for a white knuckle ride. You’ll need at least 200hp to do this, but let me tell ya, they’ll stop talkin!

      Regarding the cat, I married into it, so I guess it’s kinda mine too after all of these years now. Hee Hee.

  2. weipeng says:

    hi tom i have miata 1992 and i custom made a turbo kit…..all ready installed…so i wanna do the 1.8 diff conversion so i wondering if you can tell me where i can get one of these complete rear end….and what is the price……..
    thanks and regards….

    • Administrator says:

      Hey there! I got it from a company called The Parts Group. The are great to deal with and sell only good, quality used parts. I believe it was about $1000, which is pretty good for everything you need and knowing that the parts will work well for a long time. Good luck!

  3. petey says:

    Hey Tom, been watching your videos since I purchased a 1990 Miata, was wondering if you could give a rough estimate on about how much it cost you to do all the upgrades to your Miata. Seems like a good goal to shoot for

    • Administrator says:

      Hi there and thanks for checking out my videos! I never kept a tally, since I used many old parts from previous projects, used parts or things I had lying around. But if you check out my website I have a complete mod list and you could quickly figure out what your cost would be. I would say that the engine setup could be duplicated for $3000 give or take including Megasquirt plug-n-play, since I don’t recommend the DSM ECU swap. Megasquirt is far easier. That wouldn’t include a torsen rear, sticky tires and wheels, etc. Good luck!

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