Tom's Turbo Garage: Miata Differential Upgrade – Part One

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting! I’m finally taking care of Sunflower’s puny stock rear end! In this episode we get all of the parts we need and begin ripping out all of the old parts to make way for the new ones. You can see the full post over at my Turbo Miata website.

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  1. Fish says:

    there hasn’t been much action around here lately, so I thought I would throw out a little story.

    So it must have been 2005 or so I was working a few towns over and noticed an old man drive by in a 90’s Mirage hatchback. I have always been a sucker for hatchbacks and just about anything with wheels that is small. I always gravitated toward ‘less is more’. What perked my interest was the red stripe down the side and the “GT” sticker on the back. Being a complete nerd for mind numbing details and useless make/model trivia, I went home and hit the internet.

    I have always had a fondness for DSM’s, but never knew much of the nitty gritty, just never dove in. Reading up on the Mirage GT and the pending 4AG swaps opened my world to DSM and a can of worms. Thats when I stumbled into this place and started emailing my friends hilarious videos about this guy with a 400WHP FWD Mirage giggle box. I can THIS close |_| to knocking on that old mans door and offering him a couple bux to part with his commuter. The thing had sheep skin seat covers for god sake.

    Never went through with it. I really REALLY wanted to do it but it just didn’t fit into my life at the moment. However, I never stopped checking in on Matt and his blog. Fast forward to 2007, I finally quenched my thirst for something itty bitty and potentially stupid fast and bought a 94 Miata. Learning all I can about turbo’s and DIY applications I often studied Tom’s builds for practical DIY information. Then one day, im on I believe and I click one of the “new miata owner” threads. Some guy just picked up a pretty sweet yellow Miata with a matching hardtop. Sure as hell this guy seems familiar. Yup, there is Tom.

    Just sort of cracks me up sometimes, if I had bought that Mirage we would have been living creepy parallel lives.

    Now, im anxiously waiting part two to the Diff upgrade. I understand the lack of updates seeing as you must be busy combing C/L for Typhoons. ADMIT IT!

    I was lucky enough to have a factory LSD, what I REALLY want to do is convert to a manual steering rack. I drove a buddies Miata with non-power and talk about pure steering wheel feed back.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for the great story Fish, I really enjoyed it! Man, I really appreciate all of your support, it motivates me and makes me realize why I enjoy the car hobby. Yes, working on and driving the car is fun, but meeting folks who share the same passion is the best part. I posted up part two of the Miata video, hope you like it! As for the Typhoons, why are the nice ones 789 miles away from me?! Also, I have heard that the manual rack conversion is a GREAT modification for these cars. It would be nice to get rid of the pump and lines too. See ya!

  2. Elior Zeno says:

    Hey Tom !

    I really like your youtube and site, I have a Q about the dif upgrade.

    I own a 97 turbo miata, my rpm @ 5th gear @ 60mph is @ 3200rpm+

    I would like to upgrade to a LSD dif for the LSD and for the better ratio…

    What should I expect to see @ 60mph ?

    Thanks !

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