Tom's Turbo Garage: Eagle Talon AWD Turbo Upgrade

Hello everyone! I’m trying something a little different with this update, so I hope you get a kick out of it! I also have my usual write up posted, so feel free to check it out, there’s lots of extra pictures and details that you won’t see in the video.

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8 Responses to Tom's Turbo Garage: Eagle Talon AWD Turbo Upgrade

  1. Greg says:

    Nice addition to your blog, nice work on the video.

    Thanks, Greg

  2. Will says:

    So Tom, what made you choose the PTE 6266? A sweet turbo no doubt, I’m just trying to learn more about turbochargers in general. You seem to really know your stuff. From what I see there are so many options when it comes to choosing, it seems like it could be a difficult decision to make.

    I looked this bad boy up and was surprised to learn about all the different sizes it comes in. How did you go about deciding which a/r to go with? I see you have the .63 but I saw that it comes in .82 also. Just curious, I wanna Learn!

    • Administrator says:

      Hey Will, always good to hear from ya! I chose the PTE 6266 based on the airflow numbers (compared to the turbo I was upgrading from), turbine options and favorable results from other DSM owners. I wanted about 100 more horsepower at similar boost levels and this turbo was the perfect fit for that.

      When you get into the 500-600whp range, you’re going to have to live with some turbo lag, but if you’re goals are more modest (350-450whp) you can get away with a much smaller turbo which will give you better transient response.

      Also, I chose the .63 A/R turbine housing to improve the spool characteristics of this big turbo. I figured if it hurt top end, I could always switch to the larger .82 housing. FYI, this page explains turbine sizing much better than I ever could:

      Hope this helps!


  3. Will says:

    Thanks a lot, Tom. I appreciate all the help and your blog/videos. They really are a huge help to me and I’m sure many others. Can’t wait to see what the car does at the track once you have the time. Always looking forward to more videos and blogs. They are very well done, informative and entertaining.

    P.s. did you try to post a link? I don’t see it 😀

    • Administrator says:

      You’re welcome and I appreciate the support! I guess links are automatically stripped out of this program, so here it is spelled out instead – go to turbobygarrett dot com and click on the “turbo tech” tab at the top of the page. Excellent explanations and illustrations in there. Good luck!

  4. Les says:

    Hey Tom, love the yellow Miata. Anyways I have A 1991 Miata n interested in swapping my diff. Would that same setup with 3.90 torsen swap to my Miata. What do I need and look for in doing this swap ?

    Thanks Les from SF

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Les and thanks! Yes, the same diff swap would work for your car. The most economical way to go about it is to find one at a junkyard and get the differential unit, driveshaft and axles. I had no luck with that in my area, so I instead purchased a swap kit from The Parts Group, who specializes in quality used Miata parts. If you don’t have the time to hunt for this (since the 3.90s are hard to find) I would highly recommend giving them a call! Good luck!

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