1992 Miata Turbo: Dyno Test!

Read the full story of Sunflower’s trip to the dyno here!

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8 Responses to 1992 Miata Turbo: Dyno Test!

  1. kyle says:

    nice stats tom! how many pounds ya runnin?

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks! I’m running 14psi here. FYI- I had a giant boost leak at the throttle body elbow which likely why the power curve flattened out a bit up top. D’oh!

  3. Chad says:

    Hi Tom,

    First off, I love reading your updates (great info, and good photos). I’m considering installing my first turbo kit on my 93 Miata. My wife drives the Miata most of the time and I’m afraid she’ll have a hard time driving it if the turbo comes on to hard or quick. Is there a way to make the boost more linear or smooth. Or is that complished simply by turning the pressure down on your Hallmans boost controller? Keep up the good work.



    • Administrator says:

      Hello and thank you for the kind words Chad! I think your wife will enjoy the car much more! The low and midrange power at part throttle is significantly better, which makes driving the car far more tractable under normal driving conditions. It just effortlessly climbs hills now, when before I had to downshift and floor it. Merging and passing is a breeze now too.

      If you’re worried about too much power coming on too quickly, keeping the boost levels in the 5-10 psi range will be just right. I turned my boost down recently to reduce wheelspin as I was driving on a tight, mountain road- worked like a charm!

      Thanks again and good luck!


  4. Karlos says:

    Hey i have a question…. is the engine on the miata completely stock? meaning pistons, rods been forged? Also any head work?


    • Administrator says:

      The engine is 100% stock. It has a fresh timing belt and water pump, but that’s all I’ve ever done to the long block.

  5. Peter Bon says:

    Nice work Tom! The Miata is looking and sounding damn great. Keep up the great work.

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